Alex Lukacs, Science and Technology Adviser


Dr. Lukacs is committed to the development of novel, game-changing products through the application of various technologies across a wide range of markets, including automotive, energy, architectural, and aerospace.  He has broad experience in the patenting of chemical technology, and he is inventor of Record on 34 U.S. Patents.

He has over  39 years of experience in the synthesis, modification, and application of polysilazane polymers. Polysilazane chemistries he developed are used in many commercial applications.   He is a recognized world-wide expert who has inspired much of the initial work in the development and application of this new family of inorganic polymers through his groundbreaking work.  Polymers such as Ceraset Polyureasilazane, KiON HTT1800, KiON HTA1500, and their Durazane analogues, such as Durazane 1800 and Durazane 1500 were all developed under his inspiration and direction at various companies, including Hercules Inc., Lanxide Corp., Commodore Polymer Technologies, KiON, KiON Defense Technologies (KDT), and Clariant.  Ceramic conversions of these pre-ceramic compositions have been investigated and published in the areas of ceramic fiber, ceramic coatings, and ceramic matrix composites (CMCs).  Hybrid systems ranging from epoxy-polysilazane, urethane-polysilazane, and phenolic-polysilazane to silicone-polysilazane block co-polymers were also developed and patented under his direction.  He is Senior Scientist at Agostyx, LLC.

Dr. Lukacs received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering with Honors from Rutgers. He received his M.S. In Organic Chemistry, and his Ph.D. in Organometallic Chemistry, both from the University of North Carolina.

Dr. Lukacs’ life’s journey includes five years’ service as a captain in the U.S. Air Force (senior navigator).