Iron and steel alloys suffer corrosion and rust, especially in outdoor applications like structural concrete, bridges, ships, military vehicles, and metal buildings. Some existing coatings contain zinc and aluminum to forestall the natural degradation process, but they typically use epoxy and/or urethane polymers as binders. Those suffer from UV degradation and exhibit less adhesion to inorganic fillers like zinc and aluminum. To avoid problems of coating degradation or lack of coating adhesion to metal, alternative higher performance polymers must be used along with proprietary corrosion inhibitors.

Mag7’s CeraGraphe™AC (anti-corrosion) is the first graphene enhanced, permanent, inorganic ceramic coating designed to prevent rust or corrosion on ferrous substrates including industrial and infrastructure metal surfaces (e.g., bridges, metal structures).  CeraGraphe™AC uses a key ingredient made in a patent-pending process that produces and disperses graphene from graphite in situ, resulting in a revolutionary graphene reinforced ceramic hybrid coating.

Mag7 advanced polymers are impervious to UV degradation and tenaciously adhere to metals, glass, and minerals.  CeraGraphe™AC sheds dirt and water, not only protecting surfaces from corrosion and rust, but also permanently enhancing their physical appearance.