Mag7 Technologies collaborating personnel include world-renowned scientists who have invented technologies used in hundreds of known products and applications in space, military, industry and consumer products.  With 45 years of combined experience and 34 patents, the ceramics and coatings team leads the way in advance polymer intellectual property development and product application.  The team is exploring innovative chemistries and technologies that will result in game-changing products that deliver performance advantages that current technologies cannot provide.  Composite materials and coatings that have superior strength-to-weight ratios, exceptional hardness and scratch resistance, unparalleled corrosion and UV resistance, unexcelled heat stability, and extremely low surface energies that will serve to repel dirt, grease and other environmental insults are currently under development.  As these technologies emerge, Mag7 will come forward with a portfolio of innovative products that will provide new capabilities in design and performance in a wide variety of industries and consumer products.