Mag7’s primary expertise lies in

  • Advanced pre-ceramic polysilazane polymers for materials and coatings, and ceramics that can endure extreme heat. We collaborate closely with research and development partners to create extraordinary high-performance coatings, ceramic matrix composite technologies, inorganic-organic hybrid materials and graphene-reinforced ceramic precursors with vast applications in aerospace, defense, energy, telecom, construction, and land and ocean transportation;
  • Applications of graphene, especially graphene polymer matrix composites;
  • Dr. Chiu’s applications for reactive graphene, an area largely missed by other companies. Our first attention is in water cleanup and asphalt remediation.  But there are thousands of potential applications.

Substantial disruptive technologies we are investigating include:

  • CeraGraphe™AC, a corrosion resistant, rust-inhibiting advanced polymer matrix composite coating (e.g., for rebar, roofing, hulls, rail cars);
  • Novel organic/inorganic hybrid materials based on preceramic polymers (e.g., for high temperature and military applications);
  • Graphene-reinforced ceramic matrix composites (e.g., for high temperature and military applications);
  • Commercially viable graphene reinforced polymer matrix composites (e.g., for all injection and extrusion enhanced strength applications);
  • Remediation treatment for pavement asphalt (potholes, cracks, disintegration).