Disrupting industries through reactive graphene applications, advanced polymers, material composites and coatings.

Mag7 Technologies researches materials chemistries that can revolutionize entire industries.  We develop new technology for use in aerospace, military, construction, manufacturing, transportation, marine and consumer products.

Under the leadership of Dr. Gordon Chiu, our Chief Technology and Transformation Officer, we are collaborating on advanced research in reactive graphene, an area of graphene technology largely missed by other companies.

In collaboration with our technology partners, our renowned team of research and development scientists , Dr. Alex Lukacs and Luke Marin have combined specializations in advanced polymer materials, ceramic composites and 2D enhanced composite materials (graphene and other carbon-based elements).  They have demonstrated the use of these polymers in a variety of coatings and nano-composite materials that have been employed by NASA, Department of Defense, weapons manufacturers, public service, consumer goods, and the automotive industry.

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