Lucas Marin, Science and Technology Adviser


With over 15 years of experience in the chemical industry, Luke Marin has succeeded in such diverse technical fields as pharmaceuticals, optical design, and chemical process engineering.  Through his collaboration and mentorship with Dr. Alexander Lukacs, Luke acquired unique expertise in the manufacture and commercial use of silicon-based monomers and polymers.  Such materials span a variety of applications, ranging from coatings to ceramic composites and engineering monoliths.  As a senior research chemist in another company Luke led his R&D team in the commercialization of several novel products that he moved all the way from their inception through successful commercialization.  He is a dedicated protégé to Dr. Alexander Lukacs at Agostyx LLC where he serves as Director of R&D.

Luke received his B.S. in Chemistry at Southern Oregon University. He went on to earn his MS in Chemistry and his MBA from Montclair State University.